Oren Brimer's Favorite Sketch Actors

Oren Brimer's Favorite "TPHS" Sketch Actors

Alison Becker

Alison starred in "Baby Safe." Be sure to also catch her as a member of our New Public Service Mascots.

Thomas Middleditch

If you loved Thomas as Gambit (or in these Gambit outtakes), be sure to check him out as Nightcrawler. Maybe if the X-Men combined their forces they wouldn't be fired by Professor X.

Deanna Russo

Deanna gave Pete a verbal lashing as a Bond Girl and can also be seen in Pete's Badman sketches as Catwoman.

Patrick Heusinger

Patrick took on Pete's Badman in our Batman vs. Superman sketch.

Matt McCarthy

Matt McCarthy is a steller yang to Pete's yin. He is an integral part of the show. From Commissioner Gordon to Bar Patron, to an overly confidant dead man in Heaven, he can do it all.

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