November 11 - 14, 2013

  1. Monday, November 11

    Eric André

    Do trust this C* on Stage 10** for laughs as Eric André*** from Adult Swims' "The Eric Andre Show" is our guest tonight!

    **We shoot the show on Stage 10
    ***Eric Andre used to be in a show called "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"

  2. Tuesday, November 12

    Rob Corddry

    Tonight's guest is both the star of Adult Swim's "Children's Hospital" and the hit film "Hot Tub Time Machine". That's right, we've got background extra Nils Quartermain on th-, sorry, I'm being told it's Rob Corddry. That's probably better.

  3. Wednesday, November 13

    Rory Scovel

    Rory Scovel stars in "Ground Floor" on TBS. And no, he's not our guest because his show's on the same network as our show. It's because he slipped us $50 and a Dark Chocolate Whitman's Sampler.

  4. Thursday, November 14

    Devin Logan

    Fresh off her win in Sochi, Devin drops by the show to give Pete the lowdown on life in the Olympic village.

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