November 18 - 21, 2013

  1. Monday, November 18

  2. Tuesday, November 19

    Nick Kroll

    Nick Kroll of Comedy Central's "Kroll Show" and Pete have been friends for a long time. "Friends", of course, means that if Pete ever got his foot stuck in a bear trap, Nick would leave him to die. And Pete would would love it.

    Skyler Grey

    Even though art is subjective, we can say with near certainty that teenage street artist Skyler Grey is a better artist at 13 than Pete is at 34. But Pete's totes got one up on him in the category of "being able to legally rent a car".

  3. Wednesday, November 20

    Doug Benson

    Doug Benson of "Doug Loves Movies" fame is also famous for his love of a little green plant that people use medicinally. If you know what we mean. Wink Wink. If you didn't get the hints, we mean Eucalyptus. It's a great decongestant.

  4. Thursday, November 21

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