November 25 - 28, 2013

  1. Monday, November 25

    Joe Mande

    Joe writes for "Parks and Recreation" and hosts "Totally J/K" at UCB with Noah. He's also an "internet hooligan". He's a real Renaissance man. Which is also his favorite Danny DeVito film.

    Noah Garfinkel

    Noah writes for "Workaholics" and hosts "Totally J/K" at UCB with Joe. He was also the original drummer for Led Zeppelin. Totally J/K about that last one!

    Lolo Jones

    Lolo is an Olympic hopeful, looking to compete in the bobsled competition this winter. Her and Pete win a gold medal in the "Awkward Interaction" Competition.

  2. Tuesday, November 26

    Neal Brennan

    Neal co-created "Chappelle's Show", and co-wrote "Half-Baked". But Pete's interview with him is anything but half-baked. It's the whole loaf!*

    *Not an actual saying.

  3. Wednesday, November 27

    Bill Burr

    Bill's a stand-up and was the guest on our pilot. He was so good, they gave us a first season. Let's hope his appearance here is so good that the network gives everyone on the staff $10 gift certificates to Forever 21.

  4. Thursday, November 28

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